We work hard and go the extra mile to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction in all steps of the order process – including fitting of your tyres. We are an independent working closely with Australia’s best independent fitters to offer you the best service and price. Do not trust us on our words, check out productreview.com.au to see verified customer reviews on our business, and compare this to reviews from large tyre retail chains!

Our independent fitting partners are carefully selected based on the quality of workmanship and constantly reviewed based on customer reviews.

We offer a Fitment Guarantee which means that we guarantee that the tyres you order will fit your vehicle in accordance with vehicle safety and regulation. Our customer service team evaluates every order and will make sure you will have the right product for your vehicle. In 99% of the cases there are no issues and no need for intervention. In the 1% of cases where you have ordered the wrong tyre, we will directly contact you and do our utmost best to provide you with the best possible alternative.

Fitment Guarantee & Conditions

Our Fitment Guarantee covers tyres from the original purchase invoice, and is valid starting from the date of purchase for the period of the guarantee, subject to the following:

1.      We do not guarantee any tyres that have suffered damage due to misuse; ill-use and any accidents which are beyond our control.

2.      We are not able to guarantee tyres that have been removed from the vehicle of first fitment

3.      We do not place guarantee on goods when you have changed your mind after purchase, or have decided you do not like the goods

4.      We do not guaranteed services or goods where you have insisted those services or goods to be followed or carried out in a certain way

Offer Commencement Date: 01/06/2016 (Any purchases before this date are not eligible for our Fitment Guarantee)