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Pirelli is the world’s 5th largest tyre manufacturer and best known for its pioneering innovation. The Italian brand has been facing nothing but powerful growth over the years due to its strong commitment to produce the best quality tyres. 

Recognised for developing the world's first high performance, low profile street radials, Pirelli continues to supply Original Equipment tyres to many of Europe's top vehicle manufacturers' who demand pinpoint accurate handling and superior braking performance, that provides pure pleasure to the driver. Pirelli maintains its obligation to the environment by utilising green engineering practices and keeping the company sustainable with well-updated technology. 

Our Pirelli tyre range include the Pirelli P Zero and Cinturato passenger tyres, Scorpion SUV, 4x4 tyres as well as carrier light truck tyres.

We offer fast, Australia-wide delivery of Pirelli tyres along with free shipping to all metro cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. By partnering with more than 400 local fitting stations spread throughout Australia, we offer a convenient online shopping experience accompanied by the fitment of your tyres at your convenience. 

RIM 13“
145R13155/70 R13155/80 R13165/55 R13165/70 R13175/70 R13

RIM 14“
155/65 R14165/60 R14165/65 R14165/70 R14165/70 R14C175/65 R14175/65 R14C175/70 R14175/70 R14175/70 R14C185/60 R14185/65 R14185/70 R14185R14195/70 R14195/75 R14C195R14

RIM 15“
145/65 R15155/60 R15165/65 R15175/55 R15175/60 R15175/65 R15185/55 R15185/60 R15185/65 R15185/70 R15195/50 R15195/55 R15195/60 R15195/65 R15195/65 R15195/70 R15C195R15205/50 R15205/55 R15205/60 R15205/65 R15205/65 R15C205/70 R15C215/60 R15215/65 R15215/70 R15C215/70 R15CP225/50 R15225/70 R15C235/60 R15345/35 R15

RIM 16“
175/75 R16C185/50 R16185/55 R16185/75 R16C195/45 R16195/50 R16195/55 R16195/60 R16195/60 R16C195/65 R16C195/70 R16195/75 R16C205/45 R16205/50 R16205/55 R16205/60 R16205/65 R16C205/75 R16C215/40 R16215/45 R16215/55 R16215/60 R16215/60 R16C215/65 R16215/65 R16C215/75 R16C215/75 R16CP225/50 R16225/55 R16225/60 R16225/65 R16C225/75 R16C235/60 R16235/65 R16C

RIM 17“
195/40 R17205/40 R17205/45 R17205/50 R17205/55 R17205/65 R17215/40 R17215/45 R17215/50 R17215/55 R17215/60 R17225/45 R17225/50 R17225/55 R17225/60 R17225/65 R17235/45 R17235/50 R17235/55 R17235/60 R17245/40 R17245/45 R17245/50 R17245/55 R17255/40 R17255/45 R17

RIM 18“
205/40 R18215/40 R18215/45 R18215/55 R18225/35 R18225/40 R18225/45 R18225/50 R18225/55 R18225/60 R18235/40 R18235/45 R18235/50 R18235/55 R18245/35 R18245/40 R18245/40 R18Reinf245/45 R18245/50 R18255/35 R18255/40 R18255/45 R18255/50 R18265/35 R18265/40 R18265/45 R18275/35 R18275/40 R18275/45 R18285/30 R18285/35 R18285/40 R18285/45 R18295/30 R18295/35 R18315/30 R18335/30 R18

RIM 19“
215/35 R19225/35 R19225/40 R19225/45 R19235/35 R19235/40 R19235/45 R19235/50 R19245/30 R19245/35 R19245/40 R19245/45 R19255/30 R19255/35 R19255/40 R19255/45 R19265/30 R19265/35 R19265/40 R19275/30 R19275/35 R19275/40 R19275/45 R19285/30 R19285/35 R19285/40 R19295/30 R19295/35 R19305/30 R19355/30 R19LL

RIM 20“
225/35 R20235/30 R20235/35 R20235/45 R20245/30 R20245/35 R20245/40 R20255/30 R20255/35 R20255/40 R20265/30 R20265/35 R20265/40 R20265/45 R20275/30 R20275/35 R20275/40 R20285/25 R20285/30 R20285/35 R20295/25 R20295/30 R20295/35 R20305/25 R20305/30 R20305/35 R20315/30 R20315/35 R20325/25 R20335/30 R20345/25 R20345/30 R20

RIM 21“
245/35 R21245/40 R21255/30 R21265/35 R21265/40 R21275/30 R21275/35 R21285/30 R21295/25 R21305/25 R21305/30 R21325/25 R21355/25 R21