If you own or work in a shop that can fit tyres, you could be part of our fitting partner network!

There is no contract or charge to be a part of our network, we simply pass the business onto you, to help our customers out.

All we ask is for a price for fitting, including stripping and disposal of the old rubber, and fitting and balancing the new rubber. The lower your price can be, the more customers will select your shop to fit their tyres.

How does it work and what benefits do you receive?

  • The tyres will be sent to you by us, or brought to you by our customers, there is no mucking around, and you make some quick money on labour.
  • These customers are sending their tyres to you because they do not have a regular shop to take them to. This is an opportunity for you to form a relationship and become their new ‘go-to’ shop for all their automotive needs. Therefore you are not just fitting tyres, you are essentially building a list of loyal customers for a quick job.
  • Exclusive promotions for Tyroola Fitting Partners.
  • Access to trade pricing for selected fitting partners.

If you are interested in the benefits of becoming a part of our fitting network, please click on the link below and complete all the relevant details. Our fitting station specialist will be in contact to verify your details and add your business to our list of available fitters on our website.

How to become a fitting partner