Run Flat Tyres are now original equipment to most higher end, German saloon and sports cars manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

These tyres have the ability to be driven on even after a puncture.
Different Run Flat designs carry various performance aspects, but generally they are good to be driven on for up to 150 km at a speed of 80km/h.

It is highly recommended to only fit run flat tyres to rims that were designed to be used with these particular tyres. Rims suitable for run flat tyres have various pressure sensors to alert the driver when the tyre has a puncture, as it is less noticeable compared to a puncture with a traditional tyre.

It is also advised to avoid fitting regular tyres to rims that are intended to be fitted with run flat tyres. 

Primary Markings:

  • RFT - Generic Marking (Most often used)

  • Runflat - Generic Marking

  • SSR - Continental (Self-Supporting Runflat)

  • DSST - Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology

  • ZP - Michelin (Zero Pressure)

  • EMT - Goodyear

  • ROF - Goodyear/Dunlop

  • XRP - Kumho

Other Markings Used:

  • RSC

  • FRT

  • R/F

  • VRFC


  • ZPS

  • PAX

  • RF (Can sometimes mean Reinforced and not Run Flat)

  • HRS

  • TD

  • MOE

  • MO Ext.